Simple Predictive Analytics

Immediately empowers any person with data into a Data Analyst that can anticipate opportunity & risk for its business.

Generate models easily

You only need to load a text or excel file with your data and train. As a result you get a Classification or a Regression model.

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Make Decisions

Close the loop between insight and action. Select a model and Load a file with the data you want to classify or predict and see the results you need to take your decition.

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Be your own data analyst. If you work for marketing, sales, credit approval, production scheduling or any other area where you manage data this is your Portal. Load your own data, generate all the models you need in minutes and then use them to classify or predict the future behavior of your customer or your operational process. Just click on Get Started, create your account and begin your journey on Data analysis.

Learn and Analyse

Discover insights about your business or production lane using our predictive analytics. All you need to do is upload data to our secure server.

Classification or Prediction

Our products can help to classify your database, be this to use for churn insights or to detect frauds, or use them to predict your production, or possible system failures.


Use our tailored system to put in production the insights you discover after the analysis. You can even connect to our servers and receive on-demand predictions.